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Sonja Kanno|Inner Forest Sanctuary |  ~ October 17, 2020 *the show has ended
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Innenwaldはドイツ語のInnenwelt (内なる世界)とWald (森林)の組み合わせです。







ソーニャ カンノ




1 ポップアップスタジオ:アーティストがギャラリー内で作品を制作し、同時に訪問者と対面する

2 ショップ:アーティストが作った陶器、絵画、アロマオイルを購入することができる

3 絵画によるインスタレーション:訪問者はリラックスして、「内なる森風呂」を楽しむことができる 

内なる森の入浴体験には、アーティストが内なる森の雰囲気を反映するために制作したWaldluft(Forest Air)と呼ばれる3つのアロマオイルブレンドが伴います。 ギャラリーの提供するアロマオイルディフューザーによって訪問時にその香りを楽しむことができます。

Greetings from the Inner Forest

Innenwald is a combination of the German words Innenwelt (inner world) and Wald (forest).

In this exhibition, I want to connect more people with the idea of Innenwald by growing an Inner Forest in the gallery. In times of lockdown and global turmoil, exploring nature outdoors and achieving a state of inner peace has become challenging, if not impossible. Through art it is possible to achieve a form of visual and mental tranquility in these difficult times.

I have wondered, what happens when you grow an Inner Forest?
What does it look like, and what hidden things or creatures exist in it?

In this exhibition, I want explore the Inner Forest deeply.

Sonja Kanno


The project consists of 3 areas:


A Pop-Up Studio, where the artist is working inside the gallery creating artworks, while also meeting the visitors.


A Shop, where visitors can buy ceramics, paintings and aroma oil made by the artist.


An art Installation made of paintings, where visitors can relax and do some Inner Forest Bathing. The Inner Forest Bathing experience is accompanied by 3 aroma oil blends, called Waldluft (Forest Air), that the artist created to reflect the Inner Forest Atmosphere. The gallery is providing an aroma oil diffuser, so that visitors can enjoy the fragrance upon entering the gallery.

The Pop-Up Studio

The Pop-Up Studio






The Pop-Up Studio is an area that consists of a working space to make art and a meeting space to meet the artist. In this area, I want to work at certain times to create paintings, drawing and writing of the Inner Forest.

On a pedestal or table, hand-made ceramic paint trays, palettes and tools are on display, together with other materials and artwork in progress. The finished works will be displayed on the wall behind the pedestal.

When I am not present, these objects, tools and materials are just on display and can be studied by the audience.
When I'm present, I will use these objects, tools and materials to create artwork.

In order to share this experience with collectors around the globe, this process can be documented through photos and videos.

The Shop

The Shop








The Shop (previously bookshelf) is an area where gallery visitors can easily try and buy artwork. It contains small paintings and ceramics, that are displayed in a way that clearly shows their possibilities and functions.

Packaging is also displayed together with the artwork, so that the collector can purchase the artwork on the spot and take home immediately.

This easy shopping experience is meant to lower the buyer resistance when buying artwork. Buying art doesn't have to be complicated and scary.

An online shop represents the digital version of the shop, where collectors from around the globe can easily purchase the artwork.

The Showroom

The Showroom