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佐佐木 實


MINORU SINZOW Show is a project to unit two artists: Minoru Sasaki (myself) and SINZOW for a duo exhibition.

Both of us have great respect for each other’s art but did not have any significant interaction before. The director of Minnano Gallery gave us one whole year to discover each other, to prepare for the show together. Also, he had the generosity to give carte blanche to me in order that I can take charge of the direction of the show as well.


At the beginning, neither the artists nor the director of the gallery had precise idea about what kind of exhibition it would be. All of us were completely new to this type of project, so that we decided not to anticipate too much in order to explore the entire process with a flexible mind.


SINZOW and I started e-mail dialogues. We exchanged words, talked about interests or sources of inspiration which each of us had at the moment. We had an idea: it would be nice if we could built our exhibition on this stimulating exchange, with new works we would create on the basis of our discussions.

War, terrorism, rituals, human body’s ability to self-heal, healing power of touch, heartache we feel... and mental disorders which secretly harm both of us from time to time. The e-dialogues covered a variety of subjects. Both of us truly appreciated the heart to heart communication. At the end, we desired to reveal ourselves more, by showing past idea notes and preparatory sketches to each other.


The e-dialogues allowed us to realise that we have a similarity in the process of creation. We start with observing how we are involved in our surroundings or in the world, microscopically as well as macroscopically, so as to capture problematics, no matter whether they concern social issues or our daily life; after that, we tend to work the problematics out to find our own answers or impressions, and to convey them to the public with our entire soul. Needless to say, it is through our art. In other words, the process of the creation is, for us, a challenge to answer the question: who am I?

We have another point in common: we give the priority to our instinctive flashes or intuitions we may have at the moment of creation and do not hesitate to modify the initial plans, even if they are well elaborated, because this is how the creation can reflect our entire existence.


After several months of e-dialogues, we stopped the exchange as to work alone. The mutual discovery was a wonderful outcome but we needed to be alone to face up to the world better.


In this exhibition, we will organize the space with our new works which are the ‘fruits’ of our exchange, as well as with the past works which we would like to take up as they seem related to the subjects we discussed in the e-dialogues.


We cordially invite you all to discover the fruitfulness of our exchange.


Minoru Sasaki


MINORU SINZOW Show  |  Minoru Sasaki / SINZOW

December 1 - 23, 2018


This exhibition has ended. 



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