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Masaya Yoshioka

​昨日まであったものがなくなり、なかったものが現れる。 変わらない日常とは、変わらないと思っている日常がぎりぎりのところで続いているだけなのかもしれません。
日常の中の景色、出来事、人物を対象に、それらが一瞬覗かせる表情を吉岡雅哉は見逃さず、描ききるまでキャンバスの前から離れることはありません。 対象と自分、虚と実、陰と陽、永遠と一瞬の共鳴がループする。​間の空間はねじれ、やがて一つになる。



What was there yesterday is gone, and what was not there appears. The unchanging everyday life may be just a continuation of the everyday life that we think is unchanging, but just barely.
Masaya Yoshioka does not leave the canvas until he has finished painting the scenery, events, and people in his daily life, not missing the expressions that peek out for a moment. The resonance between the subject and himself, between falsehood and truth, between light and shadow, between eternity and moment, loops. The space twists and turns, eventually transforming into a single entity.
Masaya Yoshioka's paintings may capture the real world that we cannot avoid.

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