Campbell's Soup Cans


Keita Sagaki

2019 / Neo Silk-screen : Edition 32 / h. 51 × w. 41 cm

Commentary by the Artist


What does it taste like?(どんな味がする?)

Campbell's Soup Cans has become a byword for One of the best-known Artist, Andy Warhol[1928-1987]. This image was immediately spreading throughout around the world. Also, it's a icon of contemporary art even today. I guess even people who knows little about art has seen this image somewhere.
His works that has Campbell's Soup Can motif were made in various versions of different sizes and colors. This time, Warhol's work based on my work is a 32 piece series that was created and exhibited in 1962: this is also why my print is edition 32. These pieces were featured 32 flavors sold by the Campbell Soup Company at that time: for example, tomato, chicken noodle, clam chowder, etc. I drew 32 incarnations inside cans of my new work based on those flavors. Furthermore, images of various issues and topics related to food are collaged inside these characters. More than 100 images range from macroscopic images that are regarded as problems on a global or national scale (Scarcity of food, Food waste, Genetically modified crops, etc) to microscopic images that belong to individuals (Eating disorder, Part-time job terrorism, Solitary meal, etc), as well as cultural, religious, ethnic, ideological images (Whale conservation, Veganism, Cannibalism, etc). From enumeration of these pluralistic and chaotic food issues, you can see how food is a fundamental element in living things. And unquestionably, my Campbell's Soup Cans filled with hotchpotch of these diverse images is crucible of food problem that spreads all over the world. 
I would like to ask people who ladled soup from crucible cans and ate it.

“What does it taste like?”